Leupold Mark 4 front focal ER/T


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Jan 15, 2019
Oregon city, Oregon
53ED0558-4ED5-4ACB-99AF-F314FFE2EBBD.jpeg FE3B3875-A93C-4BC9-9E9E-4A62C1906C65.jpeg 7B0C00B5-66FF-4892-9410-D0FB48CFD717.jpeg 206E6166-0373-4752-A13D-DC7B9CF3E15D.jpeg 7C956C79-A9EB-46B1-80F2-9FAA6FBD7DA0.jpeg 8D910818-5CFD-488C-8D9C-593E83B0ADDE.jpeg 929ADFED-E4FC-4315-83E7-4A4A8D6029E8.jpeg C3E47B1C-08BD-45C2-B871-DC5E0D960E81.jpeg 0ED4D4CE-8A76-4F9B-8A62-BE0E1A14B3F0.png Leupold Mark 4... 6.5-20x50 ER/T first focal
TS-60x2 reticule
M1 Turrets- (1/4” MOA per click)
Glass is perfect, not scratches or dings
Only had it to the range for 1 day last fall but not using it enough to justifiy keeping it.
Larue tactical mount in pictures is “not” included, this is scope, box, manuals & tools only.
$900 in Oregon city, Oregon. Will ship via paypal friends and family(or you pay the 3% fee and $20 shipping insured to $900.
I am new to this forum so dont have much feedback but nearly 100 transactions on my local firearms forum with 100% positive feedback, will post a picture of that.
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