SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold M1 scope special

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    Sep 23, 2003
    Check out this price from my website.
    56080 LEUPOLD 6.5-20x50mm 30mm MK4 LR/T M1 MATTE Illuminated mildot $1,030.00
    That's about as low as it get's! Please go to my site and look at the others I can get. These are special order deals and in most cases will be shipped to you direct from the supplier. I can get even more than is listed from just about any manufacturer so give me a holler if you are in the market for a new scope!
    Look this one up anywhere else and see the difference!

    Pay by money order and I'll get the shipping.
    Plus state tax in Texas though. Sorry but this price is so low I have to getcha for it! It's still way under everyone else though!

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