SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold Dual Dovetail Bases/Rings SOLD

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    I have a set of 30mm Dual Dovetail Leupold Matte Finish Medium Height Rings and Bases for a M700. The bases have two sets of screws with them: 6-48 and 8-40, Whatever suits your fancy--I'll send them both. I need a set of Weaver Style rings in 30mm Matte to hold a 4.5-14x50 LR on my Sendero. Medium or High , depending on make. Warne Maxima, Leupold QRW, PRW, etc. I throw in some boot $ if anyone has more expensive rings like Badgers, MKIV's , NF or the like...OR I'll sell the set of DD rings and bases for $35 shipped...Let me know what you have.

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