Leupold Custom Shop


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Nov 13, 2003
Garrison TX
Has any one ever used there services Did thay do a good job how long of a turnaround did it take on work
i have sent a couple scopes in for windage and elevation knobs and it usualy takes around 2 or 3 weeks to get it back..depending on what part of the week they get it on (ie. monday or friday)
they did an excelent job for all the scopes i have sent them but that is the extent of the custom work they have done for me!
Have any of you guys used Premier Reticle in VA.? I've sent a few Leupolds to them in the past for targt knobs and they come back quick. About three day turn around for knobs. I think they only do leupolds. I also have to send an old 6.5x20 back to leupold to be checked out. Does anyone know what they will charge, or how they stand behind their products?
i dont believe they can put extra elevation in a scope.
if you are having trouble with a scope they will fix it and ship it back no charge.. the only cost you will have in getting it fixed is the 8 - 12 dollars in shipping it to them!
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