Leupold BX-5 HD 8x42 binoculars

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    Mar 12, 2017
    I've tried searching, but if I missed it please re-direct me?

    I know they're a new product (Leupold BX-5 Santiam HD 8x42mm p/n# 174482) this year, but someone must have tried them? This is ultimately another budget-justification thread.

    I'm interested in these as a middle-of-the-road product.
    A) I think that for my hunting/glassing, 8x42mm is likely the sweet spot. I could be talked into a 10x42 were it clearly superior, but anything with a larger objective is likely too much.
    B) I don't think I can lay out $2,000 for Swaro ELs, which seem to be the consensus favorite.
    C) If one could lay hands on these in the $850 range, does the price-to-performance ratio now become favorable and worth it over a more-expensive option?
    D) I'm pretty darned impressed with the glass in my VX-6HD - I'd imagine that these are the binocular counterpart? Does that put me in the class of person who can't really benefit from the "better" Swarovision glass?

    Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.
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    Mar 12, 2017
    I'm guessing the silence has more to do with their recent introduction, and not because they're just not worth it?

    Haven't bought yet; not ready to be the guinea pig thus far.
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    Mar 12, 2017
    Well, most likely not many have used these.

    More searching reveals fairly glowing reviews for the Meopta Meostar line, which seems to be their top of the line model, and a step up from the Meopro, which is what the Cabela's-labeled Euro binoculars are (if I read this correctly). More importantly, I can get those Meostars for $200+ cheaper than the Leupolds.

    Seems like a no brainer to me?

    Weight: 23.6 oz (L) vs 31.6 oz (M)... That's not insignificant.
    Weight (oz) 23.6
    Length (in) 5.9
    Twilight Factor 18.3
    Length (mm) 150
    Angular FOV (degrees) - Low 7.2
    Eye Relief (mm) - Low 18.5
    Weight (g) 670
    Exit Pupil (mm) - Low 5.0
    Interpupillary Distance (mm) - Low 58
    Interpupillary Distance (mm) - High 78
    Close Focus Distance (ft) 8
    Close Focus Distance (m) 2.4
    Magnification 8 x
    Objective Lens 42 mm
    Field of view (m/1000m //ft/1000yds) 137 / 411
    Field of view 7.84 °
    Eye relief 17.4 mm
    Shortest focusing distance (m / ft) 3. 0 / 9.8
    Exit Pupil Diameter 5.3 mm
    Twilight Factor 18.3
    Daylight Transmission 88 %
    Twilight Transmission 82 %
    Interpupillary Distance 56 / 74 mm
    Dioptric Correction -3 / 3 D
    Height (mm / in) 150 / 5.9
    Width (mm / in) 133 / 5.2
    Depth (mm / in) 59 / 2.3
    Weight - without caps and strap (g / oz) 897 / 31.6