Leupold binoculars

Steve bonson

Sep 8, 2018
Central pa
I’m in the market for better binoculars, 12x roughly in the $1k range, looked through a pair of bx 5 hd santiams was impressed with them, has anybody tried these & say the bx 4 pro hd’s? Are the 5’s worth the $600 more than the 4’s? Any other recommendations in my price range? Should mention they’ll mostly be used for predator, varmint & deer hunting in Pa, unfortunately no plans to get out west in near future, thanks for any replies or suggestions


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Feb 14, 2015
Kiowa/Deer Trail, CO
I have 3 pair of Leupold Gold Rings and had a set of 12x BX4's. The Bx4's are gone. Sold to move over to Tracts.....

Better than the BX4's or BX5's, to my eyes....



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Dec 3, 2007
Old Bethpage NY
Take a look at the Kowa BD56-12XD 12x56mm Prominar XD Binoculars
Advanced optical performance in a compact body. High quality models incorporating a high performance.
These binoculars offer a high optical performance comprising bright and clear images, high resolution, and high contrast. They are easy to use and are perfect for outdoor observation. The high quality models can satisfy the requirements from beginners to experienced users with depictions of faithfully reproduced scenes of the outdoors. Their lightweight and compact bodies do not tire users even after long periods of use.

BD-XD Prominar binoculars with a full range of specifi cations that can be used in all conditions in the outdoors. The XD lenses and bright wide fi eld of view delivers sharp images without chromatic aberration.

PROMINAR" XD lenses - Utilization of “C3 Coating”
This is technology for enhancing the prism reflection rate. By reducing the amount of light lost, a brighter and clearer fi eld of view is attained.

Multi-coating processing applied to all lenses and prism surfaces
Due to the multilayer coating applied to all lenses and prisms, a bright and clear fi eld of view is delivered.

● Use of phase-coated prism surface
● Close minimum focusing distance
● Use of twist-up eyecup for easy viewing
● Rubber coating that is comfortable for holding
● Waterproof structure filled with dry nitrogen gas
● Polcarbonate body

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