Leupold 12-40x60mm Spotting Scope


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Feb 26, 2003
A while ago I posted a thread asking for advice on a spotting scope. I wear glasses and needed something that had a lot of eye relief. I looked through several spotting scopes which had "long eye relief" printed on the package, but none would give the whole field of view at max power when I was wearing my glasses.

Someone on this site recommended that I save my money and buy the Leupold 12-40x60mm if I needed long eye relief. Boy they were right, even at 40X (max) this scope works great. I can see the whole field of view with no problems at all. Very clear, bright optics and MIL-DOTs to boot.

Thank guys,


I knew you'd be one happy guy if you could swing it. Really glad you like it!
Never doubted for a moment that you wouldn't tho.

I hate buying twice...

You got the one with the MD's too, man how cool is that!

You got one of them that was for sale here at a good price, thought I saw you reply to an add on one of them?

I was talking to Jerry about making or buying a bigeye bracket for the Vari X Lupy's, one that you could remove a single spotter from and take up the mountain and not loose the collimation, would be nice but, still looking at design options at this point.

One thing I found nice, if you can get your hands on a Lieca binocular tripod adapter, it also works well with the Leupold spotter if layed on its side. It also works with various other binos too, not just the Lieca, so long as the rubber hold down strap on top doesn't interfere with the focus adjuster.

Glassing with bino's on a tripod is so sweet, I can't even convey what a difference it makes. The Bigeyes must simply be fantastic. Nothin beats a spotter when you need portability and high power tho.
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