lets hear some tips for setting up in the field to make the long shot


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Dec 18, 2001
i was shooting my .50bmg from a rest but had the rest on the ground.it was like no matter what i did i shot low,it was at 1000 yards.so i thought i need something hard to shoot from.so i got some of them store bought flat rocks and planted them in the yard.i had to have 3 of them it's a big setup.it worked great.i have 3 more to try out in the field.if i can get them stable i think it will work.i will let my atv carry them for me.in my fcsa mag i seen a pic of a guy using a wood platform just big enough for him and the gun to lay on.it would fit in the back of a pickup truck rasy or a trailer for an atv.if only there was a big flat rock where i needed it when i needed it.here is one thing i forget.when i can't use the front rest stop.put a tape strip on the gun and bag to line them up for the shot.it will take the vertical out of your group,thanks,keith


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