Let see the 2023 spring bear success

The boys and I have had a great season thus far. I took my youngest son out for a weekend trip early in the season and he took his first bear.

Two weeks later both boys and I flew into the back country for a week of hunting. We were all fortunate enough to get bears.
Phorwath you bearkilling stud muffin…..cough it up, all the details, please……….. everything, take some time you KNOW we live vicariously thru your hunt. This is one thing I want to do in the next 1-3 years, kill a good Brownie!
load rifle bullet everything
to me that looks like a heck of a good Brownie, 9-9.5” or better???
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So the top bear was taken with a 300 ultramag, 210 berger at 450 yards...

The next was also a 300 Ultramag, 185 Berger at about 20 yards....

The last bear (mine) was with a 260 ackley and 140 gold dot, under 20 yards..

The close shots just worked out that way.,.

The 260 ackley got it done with one shot.. The ultramags took 2.. :)
Not my bear, but my buddy won an auction at the CO SCI banquet for a Canadian spring bear hunt. He took this pumpkin head with his grandfather's ol' .30-30. I'll get more details when he's back home.

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What a cool pic and with G-Pa's 30-30 how cool is that. I hope to heck that after I'm long gone one of my G-kids will carry on like this!