Leopard In A Tree !

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
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Len, is it true that you are not allowed to get out of the safari vehicle to answer the call of nature?
Why didn't you get closer to the leopard while he thought you were trying to steal his groceries? :)
Daaang !@!!

That was a good story . Ol Len is heck of a hunter with rifle or camera !I have always thought the balloon moment was a great timing deal .

So , no tinkle off toyota ? Tinkle in Toyota? What all those girlies do for " shakin the bush" boss :p
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Great story and super pictures. Again, it was a super read.

Looks like a great article and pics to be the centerpiece of your new LRH Home Page.
Great photos Len; any chance of a link to some hi res copies please.
BTW that link a couple of replies above did not work for me, just an ad.

Your photos are fantastic. Your story telling comes alive like a tale from Peter Hathaway Capstick. I will probably never get to Africa so keep the photos and stories coming.


Thanks, actually there is one more story from that trip that I haven't written. I'll do that this winter.
Just read the article and went to the webiste to take a look at the whole photo set.

Fantastic Article, and amazing pictures!

Owner/Operator of an online Long Range Hunting Publication/Custom gun Shop and Photographer Extraordinair/Safari Junkie.

Jeez isnt life rough? :)
Great read, who did you book the safari with? I am currently living in Nairobi and travel to the Mara and surrounding parks as much as possible to "hunt" with my camera.
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