Length of an Optic/ Eye relief etc


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Oct 4, 2002
Over the last year I have had the opportunity of trying many of the top and middle lines of scopes on customers and my own rifles. There have been some real surprises in both price ranges. It has left me with 2 questions that I have not seen addressed before (that I recall)

1) All things being equal (lenses, obj dia, power) WHAT DOES TUBE LENGTH BUY YOU? IS IT SENSITIVITY OF EYE RELIEF? Example: I always wanted an NXS but found that I liked by NF Benchrest series MUCH more (sold NXS, bought another bench)

2) If length is not the reason WHAT DOES MAKE CERTAIN SCOPES HAVE A NARROW EYE RELIEF WINDOW? After using NF Bench series, Nikon Monarch, Bausch & Lomb 4200, I have found the sensititvity of NXS's, Higher Leups, and Burris BD's (bigtime) just very unpleasant.
Educate me please, Thanks
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