Leica Rangefinders?


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Apr 12, 2002
Loon Lake WA
Anyone here use the Leica Rangefinders? Thinkin about buying one, but by the time this is read-it may be too late! Thinkin about the 1200 yard model.

Like any laser rangefinder made for the public, they leave alot to be desired.

I gave a report on this very laser you have mentioned on this forum and don't remember where it's at.

It is not too bad but will not range in all weather conditions or sun and shade. It will give different readings sometime and the advertised 1200 yards must be with ideal conditions. Probably 700 or 800 yards max would be more relistic and with an ideal target to bounce the beam back.

They sell for $400.00 New.


PS As Coyote hunter just mentioned, it's good in "Low Light" conditions. I found that the public units won't range the same ranges in low light and then go to bright sun on the SAME object. You get a different reading which I believe Coyote hunter mentioned before.
That would be no good at all for me and in my/our style of hunting. I would go back to my Barr and Stroud or Wild Opticle Military rangefinders if I didn't have the Russian Military laser.

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I have the 7X42 model and I will never part with them. I have had them for 4 years now and I am still using the same battery. They are very high quailty and very good for very low light conditions.
Thanks guys, I have read Darryl's earlier post and found it helpful. But, as I said earlier, I ALREADY GOT IT! Read a tree out to 1023 yards, and several closer objects. Wonder how Darryl would rate the Leica compared to the Bushnell products? Would really like to see one of the Russians that Darryl mentions. Thanks all, littletoes.
This reply might be a little late, but here goes. I had one of the Bushnell's 400's and I done a lot of comparing with my Leica 7x42 Geovids and what I found was they where with in 1 yrd of reading the same distance, I was reading a road sign at 536 yrds.
But I could never get a reading on a brown cow with long hair at over 225 yrds with the Bushnell. But maybe the stronger models now will work better.
The Leica's do work very well at night and also in a medium rain shower.
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