Leica Geovid Owners - ScopeCoat Binobibs Ready - PICS


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Nov 16, 2009
For those of you who have the Geovids I just thought I would share that scopecoat will have the binobibs to fit these in a month or so. I sent my 8x42's in to them so they could use them to make a binobib to fit them. Just thought I'd share incase anybody is interested.

I posted this earlier. I got my binos back along with the BinoBib. It is awesome! Fits perfect, looks great, and should be great for helping me protect my expensive optics. Scopecoat was absolutely fantastic to deal with. It was a pleasure doing business and being able to help them out. I dont think I've ever had such a pleasant encounter with a company and their customer service, it was truely top notch! You can check them out on their website, they also do custom pieces!






I couldn't get the pictures up in the post so I had to use photobucket. Anybody that knows how to post the photos feel free to help out. It would be appreciated. Thanks
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