Leica Geovid BRF ?


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Dec 15, 2001
Hey, is anyone planning on getting a pair of these? The reason I ask is because I have a friend who is a Leica dealer and if we get three or more of these we might be able to get a discount of around $100.00 off suggested retail.

Suggested Retail for the 10x42's is $1,850.00
Suggested Retail for the 8x42's is $1,800.00

The Geovid BRF's are not going to be released until July 04, and from what I have heard is there is a waiting list building up and if you get on it right now you will get it by Sept 04.

Here is a link:

The new Geovids are the size of a normal binocular, from what I saw at the shot show I am definitely getting a pair! They are also rated to range out to 1300 yards. The glass is excellent, I compared it side by side with Leica's other 10x42 binocs and I couldn't discern any difference in resolution and clarity. The Geovid BRF is a definite winner!
Hi SR90
I am interested!
Can you confirm a price? When?
Send me an email with details , please.
Hi Guys, i saw the same binoc's at the IWA, very impressive piece of kit. superlative leica binocs with built in range finder, basicaly the smaller cousin of the Vektor unit that is in servicewith some military sniper teams and FOO.
The prices quoted are good,i was quoted retail here 1400 euros, thats about $1700, my guess is should be available for 10% maybe 15% less than that if you shop around. My leica contact also hinted at the unit becoming Palm or PCcompatible in the future in that you will be able to load your balistics into it and it will tell you how many click you need for the range it just measured. nice pieceof kit, definately on the must have list.. Pete
Thanks Hunter.

My only concern - The new 10x42 Ultravid binos are SUPER SWEET, and much lighter than the older 10x42 BA's I have. Do the Geovids have the titaniun pin and magnesium frame like the new Ultravids, same glass but, just incorperate the laser unit from the Lieca 1200. I just wonder if we'd be getting lesser glass quality, higher weight etc with the Geovid in order to get the great price and incorperated laser, know what I mean? Just seems the price is not too much more than the Ultravid's...

I wonder if the link up to a palm device will have to use a certain ballistic program, sounds cool though. You'd still have to enter in the wind speed and dirrection on the palm to get your correction there, unless the Kestrel was hooked up. One click away from that and you have your firing solution anyway. Seems it might be a neat feature but not really a time saver as it seems.

If it displayed the wind deflection MOA in the HUD for a 1 MPH wind for 30, 60 and 90 degrees off to the side, one could figure that quickly without haveing to do anything (possibly) but turn on the palm device and Kestrel.

I'd be perfectly satisfied with an integral laser in my new Leica's, that's value enough for me. I think the two wires running to the palm and Kestrel would be a thurough pain in the ***, not to mention the wind is something I like to look at a little more carefully than a single reading you'd probably get when you hit the fire button on the Geovid.
They appear to be the same as the BN model bino, but use a aluminum housing and only carry a 5yr warranty. I'm not sure how they compare for FOV, the apparent angular FOV verses the angular FOV doesn't make sense to me either. The new Ultravids have the HighLux coatings and are different, stronger magnesium body as well, and a lifetime warranty.
I'm not sure if SWFA has the FOV correct or not, but 110 or 125 feet FOV at 100 yards...... SUCKS!! My 10x42BA has 360ft FOV, and the 8x is way up there. No thanks if that's all the FOV really is!

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Thanks again Hunter. I emailed SWFA to see if it was a misprint or what. Too bad, would have been a good tool but, just too much I'm not willing to give up on FOV there. Once you've looked through a FOV at 250ft. or so, then looked at one from 350-450 ft..... you'd never go back, never to 110-125 ft. FOV. I can already feel the eye strain just thinking about that day in the field.
Sorry, for the delayed response guys, I will get a firm sale price from him as soon as possible.
On the field of view issue, the 10x42 geovid BRF's have 110 meters at 1000 meters which is the same field of view as the Swarovski EL 10x42's which are considered by many to be one of the best binoculars available.
Brent, the FOV is 110 Meters a 110 Yards @ 100 Yards. That's 330 Ft @ 1000 yards. Not 110 feet @ 1000.
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