Leica ER5 2-10x50 Mag Ballistic Reticle Help

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    Oct 20, 2013
    I picked up this scope for my 300 win mag for a song a bit ago. The issue I have is that the reticle has hardly any support from Leica. The reticle measurements when converted to inches vs cm don’t make any sense (MOA, MILS). Just random inches. So I had to shoot and measure to attempt to figure it out.

    Here is what I did today. Set up a board, shot it at 100 yards. I’m zero’d at 4” high at 100 so I’m using mpbr. It’s for 9” for an elk hunt.

    Then I held on the bullseye with the first dot, fired. - 7” high

    Then I held on that bullseye with the first hash, fired. - 14” high

    So using the ballistic calculators (Nosler and IStrelok) it appears the first dot would put me dead just under 400 and the first hash would put me dead on just under 450.

    What’s strange is that while the Nosler and IStrelok programs tables confirm this math the iStrelok reticle pic that shows at 450 yards that I should aim just over the first dot. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    I’ll be shooting Monday at a place that I should be able to test this info at ranges noted. Until then please give me your input. I’m certain that shooting it and getting actual data is the obvious answer. Thanks.

    Pics attached for reference.
    Nosler program F0A6E8BE-0BB8-419A-A169-0407D2DE60A5.png

    IStrelok program CA01306B-E6AB-4175-9F8F-915B4F4AE87C.png

    IStrelok reticle A0E9B982-166F-48E3-9B3D-F153FBFECDD3.png

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