Leica ER 3.5-14 x 42...Help?

Jul 29, 2009
Hi, I recently bought a Leica ER 3.5-14 x 42 used in a local classified ad. The scope is in near perfect condition, and the price was excellent ($600 USD). I just mounted it on my Remington 700 B&C edition rifle (7mm-08) and was bore sighting it, and having trouble figuring out the turrets on it. I get one full 360' rotation with elevation and windage only, and can't zero with my boresighter as I don't have enough adjustment....anybody with this scope who can help a fellow out with a simple explanation on the Leica turrets? I know they have to have more range adjustments than this.... I have looked it over but can't figure it out, and not really interested in using a bigger hammer....:rolleyes: Thanks for helping. TC