Leica 3200.com vs Zeiss Victory RF 10x42/54

Idaho Hunter1

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May 5, 2019
Boise, ID
I’m looking for real world experience between the Leica 3200.com vs Zeiss Victory RF 10x42/54 (either size). What I’m planning on using them for is Long Range Hunting in place of my RF and for PRS if they make sense to do that. I use MOA and Mil depending on

I utilize a Kestrel 5700AB now for current dope. That requires me to range the tgt then to input the distance into the kestrel to get the firing solution. It works but is time consuming and I’m looking for a more streamlined approach without giving up performance.

Does anyone know if the Leica will display the corrected elevation in the Bino’s?

Does it display the wind correction from the Kestrel in the Bino’s?

Does it relay the distance back to the kestrel so a spotter would be able to read the distance and corrected inputs from the Kestrel?

Will the Bino’s function to full capability without the use of a phone in the field? Simply Bino and Kestrel?


Zeiss: It seems the Zeiss will not take input from the Kestrel at all.

Does the Zeiss use an equivalent to Applied Ballistics in its solver that is installed in the Zeiss App?

Between the two, pro/con that I might want to consider?

I have looked at the Sig 5000 and prefer the glass in the Leica. I have not been able to see a pair of Zeiss in person.

I have read all the reviews I can find but nothing seems to be very recent except 1 discussion on Rokslide.

Any inputs between these two pieces of glass/tech are appreciated!


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Dec 16, 2020
I’ve had the Zeiss RF 10x42 for two full years and love them. They don’t use AB for their calculations. I think it’s just a simple ballistic app. Glass is great for an RF bino and the app is simple. Never had an issue in any condition. Even below zero temps. I tried the new swaro el range TA and immediately went back to the Zeiss. No experience with the 3200.com though.


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Nov 30, 2008
I have the victory rf 10x42. I true up the ballistic solver with known velocity and bc to match up drops at 1k yards. My AB app, kestrel elite and victory rf will all be within 0.1 mil of each other our to 1500y which is good enough for me. I use them for hunting and prs with good success. The glass is excellent. I haven't had the opportunity to get them side by side with a set or swaro El or Leica geovids yet.


Dec 19, 2010
I've looked through the older version of the Leicas, and they were some of the best glassing binos I have ever peered through. Game changer.