Leica 1200 effectiveness


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Mar 13, 2003
Southern Wisconsin
I'm in the market for a new rangefinder, (bushnell 500 no longer getting it done). Trying to decide if the Bushnell 1000 would be good enough or I should pony up the extra $$$ for the 1200. (leaning towards option 2) The new Swaro 1600 would be sweet, but out of my price range.

So since I hunt a lot of open picked corn fields and bean fields I'd like to hear how far out 1200 users are getting on fur readings and in what type of conditions.

Thanks in advance

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In bright sunlight I pretty reliably get readings out to around 700-750 yards. On overcast days, or late/early, I've gotten readings on elk at over 1100. In all I think the unit to be well worth the $.
I own a bushnell 1000 yardage pro. I can range my buddys polar fleece vest out to 350 yds and a sandstone type lava wall out to 450. I haven't used it on fur yet. My friend who owns the leica 1200 can range the same rock surface in the exact same lighting conditions (mid day with sun at our backs) to at least 1100 yards.

The Bushnell has some nice features but I would hold for the Leica. I wish I did.

If you want to buy the Bushnell I will sell you mine for $300. (You pay exact shipping from Boise Idaho). It is like new because we always end up bringing the Leica. I dont have any paperwork or the box but it does have the wrap around case and neck strap.
The only thing that negates the Leica's effectiveness is severe weather (very heavy rain/snow or fog). I have used mine to range elk at 1150 yards, although I can't shoot that far (yet).
I have tested most rangefinders pretty extensively, including the Leica 1200. It is the best out there except for the Geovid, but it is degraded very quickly in bright sunlight in AZ. The Geovid goes well past 1000 yards even in bright sunlight.
I routinely got lopes at 800+ yds in WY this year. Some backgrounds and long flat ranging without a little bit of elevation can confuse most any rangefinder,..as the beam gets wider, it will find a weed or bush in between you and the target,.and you will get a reading that you KNOW is false. The leica I have is better than other products I have used (other than the Geovid).
One thing Leica did, at least with the Geovid, is orient the narrowest part of the beam vertically, which reduces ground scatter.

Bushnell devices, which have divergences of 2x4 milliradians, orient the beam so that the vertical dimension is 4 milliradians.
Thanks for the feedback guys.
I guess when I regain financial solvency after the holidays I'm going to go with the Leica.

Leica all the way. To save some money, you might want to look for the 800 model. Discontinued a year or two back. Probably a couple of hundred less. Might take a bit of work to find but worth it unless you really need to range beyond 950yds.

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