left hand scope mounting

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    Dec 23, 2008
    I have a Tikka T3 and wanted to mount my Swarovski Z6 and wanted mount that I could use at long range
    someone recommended me NEAR MFG
    so I contacted them and after speaking with Richard we came to a understanding on what I wanted
    here is a photo of my set up
    picatinny 10 MOA
    ring is the Alpha mount and since my rifle is left handed Richard said I would be better taking the alpha mount with is modification to the locking nut that usually come with the mount in fear that the might interfere with extraction so 2 X key bot where used
    mounted the set up and I have to tell you that the quality is second to none
    the alpha mount is super light since I was told by Richard that it is made of a special Titanium alloy
    when mounted I could se what he meant by using the 2 X bolt
    please find the link of NEAR below the photo
    Near Manufacturing - Rifle Scope Bases