Left Hand LA 700 in Right Hand Stock


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Dec 18, 2009
What would be required to make a RH stock from a Remington 700 long action work with a 700 LH long action?

I am thinking that the only mods required would be the clearance cut for the LH safety at the tang and a cut on the left side for the bolt handle. Is there something else required that I haven't thought of?

I have a LH 700 BDL .338WM that I would like to convert to a Sendero-style rifle in 338 RUM. The only Sendero type stocks that I have found are RH long action. I don't want to go to the trouble and expense of a custom stock.

My thought process is that I could build a LH Sendero type rifle at a pretty reasonable cost if I could find a takeoff stock and barrel (provided that converting a RH stock to work with a LH action is a practical idea).
I've done it a couple times and that is basically it. If there is a RH cheekpiece you can cut it off but you would be greatly weakening the stock's ingegrity unless you fill it back in with fiberglass or bondo. You can also fill in the old bolt slot the same way, sand and repaint. Depending on how thick of a finish you use, the old filled in bolt slot might be a little visible but does not affect function at all.
I also think there is a slight cut out for the ejection port,nothing that can't be fixed with a little imagination and some type of plasti-bond.You should set yourself up on the stock first and see how it fits if its ok, the rest is and easy fix.
Thanks, fellas. I may just work up the courage to try the conversion. I'm glad to know that someone else has tried this.
I'm not certain but I'm thinking that if you wanted to get started right away and cnt find a barrel, your Smith can probably run a .338rum reamer into your factory barrel.
I am sure that my existing barrel could be used, but I believe it would have to be set back. It is only a 24" sporter barrel to begin with. Going shorter from there would waste the potential gains from going to 338RUM. There are other issues as well...

I am willing to wait. My shooting skills are nowhere near what they would need to be to shoot a big .338 to its potential. I have a lot of work to do to get there, so no hurry to build the rifle.
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