Left Hand Heavy Barrel Custom 7mm RM walkthrough needed


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Dec 23, 2012
Primary Use-Hunting from Benchrest Box Stands

Left Hand Bolt
7mm Rem Magnum
24" Barrel Desired or 26"
1:10 or 1:9 To shoot 160 grain Bullets

I like the Savage and Remington Police models, however they don't come in the 7mm offering. I like the sendero, but I can't find many good articles on it's groupings online, and hear that there triggers are bad as well.

I live in the real world, not in the Internet world of everything shoots .5 MOA. I personally own a Ruger Mk 77 LH.270 that will shoot 1-1.5 on average with Federal Premium 130 gr BTSP sierras. Best group ever was .6 with 130 core lokts, which I think was a complete fluke. The trigger on this gun is bad to say the least.....lol (gun bought new in 96)

So what I'm looking for is a custom setup that will shoot .75 MOA at 100 yards for at the price of a Sendero or close. I'm a complete super nooblet. I have used the search button. I'm looking for lots of wisdom, links etc from you guys.

Also I have a SS 21" Savage Bull Barrel 17.HMR with a synthetic stock.....the best it does is 1-1.5 groups 5 shots at 100 with hollow Points. Like it literally will not shoot ballistic tips better than 2" groups. Advice on that? Bore was polished with JB bore paste, dry patched until cleaned, then just a hint of oil added after. It is lightly oiled and then dry patched after every session.


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Jan 8, 2011
You are not going to get what your looking for at the price of a Sendero. The best option as you stated isn't available in 7mm, but for what you want the Savage 110fcp-HS in 300wm is the best option for about a grand. I'm guessing you don't reload, but you should still be able to get .75 moa with high quality ammo. Spend 175 bucks to put a break on it and it will have less recoil than a 7mm. You can also rebarrel this rifle to 7mm for less than 350. If your hunting from benched treestands, you may consider a Savage 12 f class 6.5x284 or a model 12 lrp in 260rem or 6.5 creedmore. You can always browse gunbroker and other firearms auctions for a Savage 112bvss, they were available in 7mm rm, all of these makes I listed are capable (not every rifle, just make) of .5 moa or better.

As for your 17hmr not grouping, its your ammo, rimfire ammo sucks, you may have to try 10 different brands before you find one that is decent. Good luck getting much better than 1.25moa with a factory rifle in 17hmr.