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Dec 9, 2009
Any one try the Leatherwood/Hi-Lux uni-dial scopes? settable flags on the elevation turent seem helpful in quick refrence points, what about optic clarity and repeatable zero?
So I went and bought a Uni-Dial 4-16X50, I couldn't resist the temptation to see for myself what these scopes were like. For starters the 30mm tube and top angle focus make for a beefy looking optic, the reticule is nice with several elevation and windage refrence points. As for clarity it is very good edge to edge and with a Second Focal Plane reticule P.O.I. did not shift to any noticeable degree for a hunting optic. I shot at 4X, 8X, 12X, 16X refrencing same P.O.A. with rapid shots, all inside a dime at 100yards. Now the resettable elevation zero works great along with the zero set for windage, I shot the "box" and tracking was good with the last shot printing right next to the first shot (my error and a warm barrel threw the last shot ).

This is not a Bench Rest optic and once zeroed and flags are set for desired yardage it works excellent! I have not experienced any problems with a loss of zero and for field use it runs out great. Do some reading on SFP reticules and adjusting for clarity and you will love the No Math Mil - Dot system.

Just thought I would post some experience with a Leatherwood :cool:
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I'm an LEO and I am issued an AR15 and an 870 Remington shotgun along with an auto pistol. Last Tuesday night I was leaving my house to work a midnight shift and was carrying my AR15 to the patrol car that has a Leatherwood hi-lux CMR mounted on it. I was walking on the side walk headed to the patrol car when I looked up at the sky noticing how clear it was when I turned my ankle and went crashing down and there went my radio car keys, and I my AR15 crashing to the ground as the pain went shooting through my ankle. I fell on the AR15 and it had landed on its right side on the windage knob. I rolled off of it and got up and started limping around and taking inventory, it hurt like hell but I was thinking that if I walked it out it would be ok.it got better and I went straight to my AR, picked it up and thought that I have probably broken the scoep at least. I picked up the keys and raido and headed to the patrol car off I went. I know what you guys ar thinking is it still sighted in? Well I am the zone firearms instuctor so I wet straight to the range opened the gate and went to the 100 yard line stapled a target to the frame and went back and took the AR15 out of tha rack turned on the illuminate reticle. Yes I put the spot light on the target . I aimed at the chest of the B-27 police target and fired three shots and then went down range to see what the results were, when I got there I saw a cluster of three bullet holes exactly where I had aimed the scope zero had not changed from taking that shock of hitting the ground and clumsy me falling on it. this was great I thought. and I went back and fired thee more shots into the head of the target and checked them to find them dead center in the head where I had aimed. Yes I am very pleased with this scope and it looks like my fellow officers are very intrested as well.it took a beating and its still going.
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If you keep old copies of Shot Gun News check issue November, 10, 2010 there is quite a good wright up on the CMR, thats what drove me to buy one for my ar!
Re: Leaterwood CMR

I have read that article by David Fortier. My next project is putting a CMR on my Springfield Armory M1A.
Well its been a few days since my last post when I talked about my next project of mounting a Leatherwood CMR 1x4 tactical scope on my Springfield Armory M1A. Well today Was the day. As many of you know the CMR has a reticle that has aiming points from 100 to 900 meters, and is calibrated to 55grain and 62 grain 223. and 168 grain federal match ammunition which is what I fired today. First I installed Leatherwoods M14/M1A mount and steel rings then the CMR scope and zeroed the rifle at 100 meters. I then moved to a steel reactive target range. which had targets at 200,300,400,and 500 meters. I took a prone position using a bipod and using the 200 meter mark in the scope fired and the six diamiter target went down. I moved to the 300 meter indication on the reticle put it on the 300 meter target gave the trigger a straight slow pull to the rear and the target went down hard. 400,and 500 the same thing. I gave it a rest to let the barrel cool and repeted the drill. I was verry happy with the scopes performance,and as per my last post I know its durrable.gun)
I am suprised at what little responce there is with shooters trying the Leatherwood optics. I have no complaints with the CMR or Uni-Dial I have tried.
I have read other reviews on Leatherwood/Hi-Lux optics and usually the china made fact turns most people away. I first started to try the Leatherwood/Hi-Lux scopes with the CMR 1-4x24 fitted to a M4 platform and performance was Excellent! (Shot Gun News, David Fortier,10, November, 2010). My next purchase was a Uni-Dial 4-16x50 with the 45^ angle “Top Focus” and Second focal plane this glass was mounted on top of an accurate 22-250 varmint rig. Again I was impressed with tracking, zero hold, clarity and excellent focusing. While looking thru an issue of Shot Gun News (10, March, 2011) again David Fortier runs a piece on a Leatherwood/Hi-Lux 2-7x32mm LER scout scope, he mentions talking to Hi-Lux’s president John Wu at “Shot Show” and was informed of his (Mr. Wu) desire to produce high quality optics. There are several other aspects mentioned of technical improvements along with European optic technology being used in the Leatherwood/Hi-Lux optics.

I am likely to buy a 7-30x50 Uni-Dial scope to complement my 6mm-284 and run it thru some drills. I think this brand of optic will become better known since they are seeing more print in shooting magazines and they are worth putting an eye to one and printing some groups to prove there worth. I wouldn’t criticize these scopes until you have used them in the field as I have and find they are well worth the money.
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Bob I have it from a very reliable sorce that they are producing a unertl type scope for the CMP vintage sniper match.it will replicate the scope that the U.S. marine corp used in WWII,Korea,and Viet Nam. Also they are looking into a 10x42x56 for F class competition.
After what I have been reading and talking to Leatherwood techs, I think a watchfull eye should be kept on these optics. Also I talked with Iron Sight Inc as they are a Leatherwood service facility, when I receive the 7-30x50 Uni-Dial I will most likely send it to them for a reticle change. They also mentioned some really good things to come with the Leatherwood/Hi-Lux optics.
Thought you might be interested in a tech. view of the Leatherwood mechanics. This was posted over at www.swfa.com in optics talk.

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Reply Posted: September/20/2011 at 22:51 When a variable scope changes zero after a power change this is called optical shift. it is of course unaceptable. this is because the reticle is not set in the center of the optical axis. this can only be done by the factory or a trained technician. over the years I have inspected many brands of rifle scopes to see how much optical shift they may have and you would be amazed at how many do if even the smallest amount. For example a 3x9x scope that is zeroed at 9x then is turned to 3x looses its zero slightly or a great deal because the reticle is off axis. When the scop is zeroed at 9x and then you turn it to 3x or anything in between the scope stays zeroed then the reticle is set to the center of the optical axis and is optiacally centered. at Iron Sight Inc great care is taken to make sure all variable rifle and pistol scope reticles are set to optical center befor they leave. I have checked many of Leatherwood High Lux scopes and every one is optically centerd out of the box I have never found to have this adverse affect.
I have the Uni-Dial 4-16x50 on a 30-338 I built. My only complaint is the 45 degree focus indexing ring became loose, so not it is a poke and hope as far as focusing goes.

Other than that I really like the scope. The range here only goes out to 400 meters, so I had to rely on software to set the flags out past that. From zero to 400 meters they are dead on and have been since I originally set the scope up.

I have been threatening to send the scope back for repair, but hate to take it off the rifle.
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