Lead free bullet-maker from California

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Jan 5, 2014
Grandville, Michigan

Both of you usually post helpful/insightful information and keep a professional tone.
In this post, you both are rather inappropriate in your tone and a bit disrespectful. This is a bad look for both of you.

Feenix is allowed to post a link - akin to a public service announcement. He made no commentary - even though he’s allowed to. He even tried to neutralize the increasing tension, a few times.

And it 100% doesn’t matter if he’s used the product or not (people post about new items being released all the time). Quit making false arguments or trying to frame what can or cannot be posted (insinuating a person must have first hand experience to post or comment).

@ButterBean…… “No offense intended” was the same as Ricky Bobby in Talledaga Nights saying “With all do respect”

Hopefully everyone can take a deep breath and start using our energy/anger towards the new “gun control” law.
Not open for further replies.