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Jan 4, 2010
Helena, MT
Hello, I have an old but good Wilson case trimmer and have a question for those of you that use one. Do you buy case holders for fired or sized shells and why? Please tell me the process you go thru as to when and how often you size. Thanks, learning a lot here.

PS I will be loading 270WSM but it looks like Wilson only has holders for sized cases. At least at Midway USA.
I bought both.. They cost like $8 a piece and it's worth it IMO. But I only load for one caliber right now. I use the sized case one to trim my new brass and FL sized brass that was fired in another rifle (once brass is fired in my chamber I don't FL size again, I use a redding shoulder bump and Lee neck sizing die). I like the trimmer alot. Sweet little tool. Just make sure you keep everything tighened down, push the case back against the "ram" not sure what to call it, and finaly keep the guide rods (for the case holders) clear of brass trimmings, they will make for a diagonal cut by tilting the case.

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Good question. Some brands of virgin brass go too far into the case holder and are not contacted at the base by the the threaded push rod. The head of the rod is larger than some case heads. I went to the hardware store and bought small flat washers that are about 1/8" smaller diameter than the head. I epoxied several together and all of them are then glued to the push rod head. The smaller diameter of the washers puts constant pressure on the case head.
Good to know Gene. Just learning here and was wondering if you trim before you FL or Neck size. I suppose that if you are neck sizing than a "fired case holder" would be the route to go?
I am assuming your Wuilson trimmer does not have a micrometer adjustment. If you install the washers, it won't matter whether you use a fired or unfired case holder.

When you full length size, the shoulder and neck get pushed back slightly. Check your case length after doing that and trim brass to about .010" under SAMMI suggested length.
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