SOLD/EXPIRED Lawton 7500 / 300 WSM / McRees Stock - SPF

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    Lawton 7500 / 300 WSM / McRees Stock

    300 wsm
    7500 lawton long action.
    Right bolt right port single shot.
    2 ounce crisp trigger (I think shilen)
    20 moa rail
    7 deg forward break that is legal for BR comps
    Fluted bolt

    Lawton barrel and Lawton did all the work.
    1-10 twist
    The serial # is LOW, early 7500 action built in 2005 by the late Barney Lawton
    Less than 150 rounds fired

    Around 100 rnds of norma brass - Included
    Lawton micrometer seater with vld inserts for 155-165 and 208-210 bullets - Included
    Lawton custom sizing die, Dies made at the same time as the gun was chambered – Included

    Mcrees Precision stock, I have a few additional attachments (butthook, right side cheekpiece, etc) not pictured, painted to match.

    Shoots berger 210’s at 2800 fps (up to 2950 before pressure signs).
    <1” 5 shot groups at 300 and <2” five shot groups at 500. That is about as good as I can drive and reload. It could probably do better with a more experienced shooter.

    Barrel has no caliber stamp "300 wsm"
    Under 17lbs with a nightforce

    This gun is stupid accurate.
    Bipod and accushot monopod not included
    Please email with additional questions.
    Free shipping/insurance CONUS, AK and HI actual cost,
    Ship to FFL only
    No shipping outside US
    Certified Funds Only Please.
    Thanks for looking!

    Sold pending funds

    Email preferred: [email protected]
    Listed on other forums.

    I think this price is fair when you consider the norma brass, dies, and components. You couldn’t buy the parts for this.

    Sorry about the pics… I’ll try to get some better ones.
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    Re: Lawton 7500 / 300 WSM / McRees Stock

    Email sent with questions.