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Dec 19, 2008
I was kicking an idea of purchasing a lathe for chambering, etc. What would be a descent set up for someone starting out?
im very interested in this too. want to get one for chambering, trueing of actions and threading muzzels chambers ect.
live in nz so makes it a little awkard to get one. (not a huge supply of used ones.) b
but what specs should it have. eg how long, spindle dia. ect.
I can't in good conscience recommend any of Grizzley's machines. I'm not saying anything bad about them, I've got no personal experience, but IMHO you'd be better off to look for a good used tool room lathe like a Hardinge. Go to a few machine shops and see what they've got and then look for those brands. Cincinati, Hardinge, Leblond, etc. Even in good used condition those machines will be better than a Chinese machine.
IMO the big grizzly is great. If I had it do over that is what I would do instead of the jet 16x40 zx. The jet is great, especially the large spindle hole, but the features of the big grizzly lathe overshadow that.
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