Large Backpacks


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May 22, 2012
Brookston, MN
-40 degree sleeping bag, Exped megamat lite, large tent, titanium wood stove etc...

So for those who pack everything and the kitchen sink, what are the great options here and how do they compare, I can't see these in person?

What I'm thinking right now, Seek Outside Saker (7200 ci conservative), Kifaru xpac lid (1200 ci), Kifaru large compression pocket (850ci), on the back of that Kifaru large pocket will be my Eberlestock scabbard, this is actually a set thing that'll go on any pack as I'm not interested in another type of rifle carry method anymore.
That's 9250 ci. and perhaps the lightest.

I will be in snow, a lot, a lot a lot. Xpac that I've seam sealed to death seems a great feature, perhaps worth its weight in gold... perhaps.

I think my only other viable option is the Stone Glacier 7900, but the rain cover needed will have to be a human poncho because of the size, especially with a scabbard and rifle hanging down low as well. I've also read that these tend to be more narrow and tall. The sleeping bag is fat and fat, even when compressed into a brick. Tent ain't far away from that either.

I like the Kifaru Dall, but no front zip access to main bag is a no go. The muskeg has that feature but has all but useless sides to it, you'd almost have to attach pockets to each side as well, this is a weight killer and means strap mess galore. But maybe...?

I'm fine with more weight and size on my back, it's a compromise to get me out, because I'm not a camper, if I buy a little burrito of a tent I know I won't go, and that makes everything else moot. Same with shrinking down sleeping gear. The negative double digits kind of necessitates more in many regards as well, -26f static temp yesterday morning, -30f windchill tomorrow morning.
I've been training a year or two with a pack, 40-60lbs, walking stairs, two at a time, wearing it while dragging trees, carrying brush etc... 5,000 ci backpack and the size can't cut it, not really close either.

500 S&W sits on my chest too. This'll be a 70lb or so set up, likely with snow shoes on.
Buy a friend. Spread load the gear is always an option.

You’re already on the right track looking in the 7000 range. Stone glacier are good packs.

I have the Mystery Ranch Marshal. It’s about 6400 Ci. However, I don’t take the kitchen sink and keep things around 50 lbs after food and water. That’s for 5 days at 8-14 miles in the backcountry rarely a soul around,

Keep in mind, if you’re successful, you’ll have that 70 lbs plus the weight of the meat. Packing out 200+ lbs of meat in snow shoes is going to suck hard.
Personally I'm a Kifaru guy through and through. You mentioned the Muskeg having the side zipper. They no longer make the big 7k Muskeg. It has been redesigned and has a new name and they got rid of the zipper that I love so much on my 7k.
Not sure a water proof pack is really that important in that cold of weather is ?

Can you set up a spike camp.Or at times we stashed a camp for later.Get your tent,bag,stove in. This has a few risks though,thats another story.
I won't have meat to pack out with this giant setup, it'll be pelts at worst, meat would be fall black bear and that's a different amount of gear and weight in the bag, much less and no snow shoes.

Snow can be a mixture of problems, even when very cold, set up my tent today in -20 to -25 wind chill, the issue can be your body heat warming things enough to make it matter, then things can turn to ice, so if a bag gets wet enough it has soaked water in, you now have a hard shell, not a pliable bag.
But if things don't get warm, then the snow can be a non-issue in very cold temps.
Took no time in my hand for a tent pole to be warm enough when dropped to melt snow then instantly freeze and then not want to go together...

No spike camp type stuff for me here.

That Stone Glacier and the Seek seem to have the same size (500ci) top lid, I may order that Kifaru top lid as I think it would be another thing I'll use regardless what bag I get, at 1200ci it adds a nice bit of room, and can be had in xpac.
I see seems your trapping,or preditor hunting.You would enjoy Heroes of the Bob Marshal.Some spent most winter up there trapping,one guy when he was in his 60's did a winter.Sow shoeing through deep snow passes.