Lapua brass & lazy reloader


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Jan 10, 2013
Meridian, Idaho
Due to my experience with lapau 300prc compared to ADG, and others with the 6.5prc, I PERSONALLY don't think Lapua makes it. All of their brass holds pressure very well in 3 different creedmoor chambers, 6.5x284, 300 norma improved, and 338 lapua. No other brand comes close accept ADG, and Peterson. However Peterson always holds less powder and gives up on performance due to that fact.
You may be on to something. I backed off .2 grains on my next test and it shoot the same velocity as the hornady but still shows pressure. It's minor but its there. I have used 55.5 with a 156 for a couple years in adg and gw brass, now hornady with zero pressure signs. It's odd lapau is showing pressure at all at this level.