SOLD/EXPIRED Lapua 7.62x51 brass (LRP) and Hornady 178 grain bullets


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Dec 14, 2004
(1) Five boxes of 7.62x51/308 brass (large primer pocket); all new/sealed boxes. 3 boxes in one lot, and 2 boxes in another lot. $200 for two boxes; $290 for 3 boxes; $450 for all five boxes.

(2) Hornady 308 178 grain bullets (total 643 bullets):
-One full box (100) of 178 A-Max;
-Three full boxes (300) ELD-X Midway seconds (one box was opened for inspection);
-Two full boxes (200) and one partial box (43) of ELD-M Midway seconds (total 243);
-I only shot the ELD-M seconds; they shot the same as the first.
-$215 shipped for all bullets.

7.62x51.jpeg Hornady 178.jpeg