SOLD/EXPIRED Lane Precision Ultimate 6.5 Gap 4s (SAUM)


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Feb 16, 2015
Mapleton Depot, PA
And the pain and suffering continues... selling my 6.5 saum.. Defiance rebel action, bartlein 2b 24" 8 twist. Spiral fluted. Terminator t1 brake 1/2-28 threads. Apa dbm with 3 round mag. Bix N Andy trigger. Manners eh8 custom painted in Kuiu Vais. Round count is like 40... not even broke in... killed a buck in Nebraska with it and put a little mark on the stock climbing down outta my stand... its tiny but wanted to mention it. Will include roughly 160 loaded rounds with 140 hybrids in hornady brass, 40ish 1x fired brass, 100 new bertram 6.5 saum brass, 275-300 140 hybrid bullets, and set of hornady dies with micrometer seating die. Asking 4400 shipped for all of that stuff, or 5300 with Leupold vx5hd 3-15x56 firedot duplex in talley rings.


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