Lane Precision Rifles at 800 yards


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Jul 1, 2014
North Carolina
Here is what a newly received 300 Win Mag chassis gun displayed today at 800 yards. Yes 800 yards. The men that conducted the firing were 2 of Fort Bragg's Special Forces.

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Me waiting for the benchrest crew to get on here lol.

Awesome shooting.

Who needs 20lb rifles with $2000 front rests and $30k in reloading equipment, when this gun and white box ammo can shoot 1/8” MOA 800 yard groups with both bipod and rear bag sitting on a fluffy blanket, on top of the grass. ALMOST, unbelievable.
You know how many “hunters” would be completely satisfied with those groups on the paper at 100 yards? I’m a pretty decent hand loader and shooter, I’ve never seen groups like that at 800 yds! I’m glad those boys are on our side.

Ask them how many rounds they fire a week let alone a month or a year. This is their job and they are required to practice. They wouldn't be where they are without significant ability and practice.

Here are the military requirements for the .300 Win. Mag. cartridge in a compact version:

This is the much longer more detailed specifications: data.pdf

Note the chamber pressure limits and the OAL limits with the newer Sierra 220 gr. MK.

sable, you are correct, these boys had more electronics than Apple headquarters. Cameras, laptops, software with overlays. They talk in code like A1 .1 and B2 .2.

I also saw 600 rounds of ammo on the ground and the back of a hummer with at least 10 more full ammo cans.
Well, at least some of our tax money is going for a good purpose!