Lane Precision Rifles 6.5 Sherman


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Mar 16, 2014
Welcome to the 6.5 Sherman family. It's a great round I think you will enjoy it.

I'm sure I will! Thanks again for the help with your forming process. It was nice to hear how everyone went about it. It's been fun to see your results as well.

The Shermans are awesome rounds! Looks like you have a beautiful rifle that's going to shoot excellent based off your fire-forming loads.

I got similar results with my old 6.5 when I was fireforming, using a lighter dose of Mag Pro. Check out RL 33, if you've got a need for speed. Also the 150gr VLD from Matrix is an impressive little bullet and you'll get a little more speed than the 160gr.

Good luck and have fun with your new rifle!

I appreciate it! Your 6.5 was a pretty stellar shooter if I remember correctly. I'll have to look into RL 33 and the 150's as well. I've got a good stash of 140 Amaxs to burn through first, but the Matrix bullets are definitely next on the list.