Ladder Method

c east

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Jan 2, 2002
New Mexico
Ok used the search and found little..Could someone go over this method and let me know how much to back off the max charge and what increases to make and how many of each load to load up...Thanks


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Jan 21, 2002
Wenatchee, WA
Same thing was posted on another board, and I'll put my same followup question here, as I'm interested in what you guys think as well...

Has anyone here actually read the whole thing? I've struggled thru it a couple times, and the impression I got was that Creighton Audette wrote up his procedure many years ago, and a few years back, Randolph Constantine wrote up an article that summarized the original, since the original seems to have dropped into obscurity.

Now this web site seems to be a hand-typed transcript of Constantine's article, but apparently translated or something, as from what I've seen of both Constantine's and Audette's writing, *neither* of them wrote that poorly unless I'm seriously mistaken. I mean, I appreciate the effort of the person who typed all that in, but if I didn't already have a pretty fair idea of what was being discussed, I'm not sure that any of it would make a lick of sense.

In conclusion, does anyone know of more readable summary/description of the Audette method, or Constantine's article about it?



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