Labradar -- how critical is ......

No two labradars are alike. Mine is extremely sensitive to aiming. I use an inertial trigger and that solves the triggering problems. Mine does not see bullets smaller than about a 75 grain .224 bullet. The fastest bullet I have ever gotten to register is 3880 fps. If I shoot 10 loads my labradar will miss "acquiring" at least one no matter how big it is. If you use it at an indoor range, stay away from the lanes next to the walls. Mine registers about 10 fps fast at the 3000 fps range.

This is my solution to the tripod issue. WIND or bench mishaps will land your Labradar on the ground and cost you $$$.

I had a spare standard quick detach swivel base hanging around (stole from my Leopold spotting scope auto window glass attachment). Works crazy good off benches or on the ground.
Like that re-use of an old 4x(guess) scope. A 8d finish nail laid in the slot is good too, and a little more portable. But portable is not really what matters with a Labradar. This is not hunting equipment, its what hard core reloaders use for workups, which means you are likely backing your vehicle up, lifting the hatch and unloading your load.

Also: there are these nice magnetic micro USB cords. You plug the magnetic end into the micro USB slot and then if you screw up and trip, snag or otherwise dislodge the USB external battery pack, you will not damage the unit.

Magnetic micro USB