SOLD/EXPIRED Kryptek & Core4Element Mothwing Mountain Mimicry


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Mar 1, 2013
Selling an entire set of hunting apparel, in very nice used condition. It is a mix of Kryptek and Core4Element, in great shape, and in the very desirable Mothwing Mountain Mimicry pattern. Stored in a container, washed w/ scent free detergent, non-smoking, etc. Only selling as a lot (I don't need random pieces of Mothwing Mimicry camo laying around). MSRP for the lot is over $1000 (yea, I know, crazy).

Looking to get $380, shipping included. Feel free to send an offer, just decided to give the Kuiu patterns a try because I like the way they look.

-Kryptek Cadog Shield softshell jacket - Medium ($230 MSRP)
-Kryptek Cadog Shield softshell pants w/ Kryptek suspenders- Medium ($230 MSRP)
-Kryptek Vidar Scout softshell vest - Medium ($100 MSRP)
-Kryptek 1/4 Zip helios base layer - Medium ($80 MSRP)
-Core4Element Elevation down jacket w/ stuff sack - Medium ($280)
-Core4Element Assault base layer gloves - Large ($20 MSRP)
-Core4Element Element cold weather gloves - Large ($40 MSRP)
-Core4Element Merino 190 beanie (light weight) - One size fits all ($25 MSRP)
-Core4Element Merino 2590 beanie (heavier weight) - One size fits all ($25 MSRP)
-Core4Element Selway insulated beanie - One size fits all ($20 MSRP)

For reference to sizing, I am 5'11" and between 170 and 185 lbs. These items all fit me perfectly, even when all of it was worn in layers. The only issues are some of the zipper ties (not the zippers or handles themselves) on the Kryptek garments are a little frayed. May 24 5 32 27 PM.jpg May 24 5 33 48 PM.jpg May 24 5 34 32 PM.jpg May 29 3 18 28 PM.jpg May 29 3 18 47 PM.jpg May 29 3 18 55 PM.jpg May 29 3 19 39 PM.jpg

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