SOLD/EXPIRED Krieger 6.5mm Featherweight Barrel

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Jan 26, 2011
Krieger Pre 64 Winchester Featherweight style contour. This is a 6.5mm, 7.5" twist, 4 groove, Chromoly barrel. $400 shipped


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The straight part of the breech is 2.25" long and the diameter is 1.250". The diameter at 2.50" from the breech end is .960", at 6.0" it is .760", and at the muzzle it is .560".
Your timing just sucks EDD. I get my taxes done this week, see where I'm at then. I got a 700 just sitting there waiting for that very thing. Good luck.
I might still have it in a week. This place doesn't seem to have a lot of interest in skinny barrels.
With that 7.5 twist, that thing will be a killer with 156 Norma's and 160grain Hornady's
Might be a slight bit too quick but with 140 grains to 160 - it would be ideal - the original 6x55's were built around 156 grain round nose bullets with long bearing surfaces launched at around 2400fps, and their twist was somewhere around 7.5 - this barrel would be ideal for a modern 250 yard, 6x55 mountain rifle - light-weight yet able to shoot 140's 2900 fps at deer/goats, and sheep and 160's 2700fps at elk and moose. If I didn't already have the same, I would be all over this. Guys, you would have a long wait trying to get a blank like this delivered right now.
I would get it for my pre 64 Win M70 Featherweight but at the moment I'm tapped and it's shooting .243 very well.
A 6.5 Creedmoor would likely shoot well too. Probably not many of them out there built on a Pre 64 Model 70 action.
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