SOLD/EXPIRED KRG Bravo Remington 700 SA chassis Sako green

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    Oct 25, 2011

    If you missed out on the KRG blem chassis sale, you are in luck! I picked this up from that sale, only to realize the recoil lug pocket is the original design that is not wide enough to fit my Bighorn TL3. There was no mention of this on the sale ad, and KRG doesn't feel like helping me out so its gotta go. It is new in box with all the accessories (L.O.P. spacers, MOE L2 pic rail, QD sling cup, harris bipod stud) It is the Remington 700 short action inlet, but it doesn't have the new W3 backbone that some custom actions require. Please be aware of that! I can get measurements if needed. Also you will notice in the pictures what "blemishes" the stock has. There is one on the left side of the forend (and two small marks in the metal above it) and one on the right side of the buttstock. I am asking for what I have in to it. $275 plus actual shipping to your door. Listed for sale in others places as well.

    IMG_4143.jpg IMG_4144.jpg IMG_4147.jpg IMG_4148.jpg IMG_4149.jpg
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