Kowa Spotting Scope Question


Mar 30, 2011
San Antonio Tx
I am in the market for a midrange priced spotting scope. I am trying to choose between the Kowa TSN -82SV or the TSN663.
The TSN-663 has the Prominar XD lens ,but only a 66mm lens.
I know allot of shooter that use and swear by the TSN-82SV, it does have a 82 mm lens but not the newer Prominar XD series lens.
I am trying to stay around the $1500 - $1800 price range.
Anything new from Kowa is going to be fine.

I am also in the market for a good scope. In my case I plan to take it into the field and for my application smaller is better. I plan to buy an angled eyepiece.

Just want to add, I have used the 82SV and I look at it more as a range scope. In the field I would want the 663.
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