Kowa Highlanders

With more operations,I no longer can hunt the ridges and havent for the last three years. So am putting my mint condition Kowa Highlanders up for sale. Over 30 years I have owned four different "Big Eyes" A lower power always makes it easier on your eyes glassing all day. So I picked up A pair or 21X eye pieces besides the 32X that come with them . Unbelievable how much easier on the eyes when looking for hours at a time. A broader field of view. Once you've locked in on A nice buck,etc snap in the 32X to get in alittle closer. Kowa come in a foam filled Pelican case with containers for the extra eye pieces. $3,200 shipped ...... May do partial trade for Leupold 45x or Night force 12-42X for BR Shooting
I have a pair of these and anyone doing long range shooting / hunting they are awesome. There is nothing compared to these spotting game at long range. The price is very fair also.
I do have the original box for the Highlanders also.......Yep Yobuck,I own a custom 284 Mtn. Rifle built 30 years ago made up for the Barnes 140 gr bullet. 14 Elk,1 Moose, bear, and lots of deer. I buy good equipment around the one gun.Uses a longer mag cut down to fit a Rem short action. 3.1" loaded round . 340 yds longest shot on a large cow.Still a full pass thru and she dropped in three paces. All I need, no magnums or muzzle brakes needed!


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