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  1. D.A.T.

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    Jun 30, 2010
    question for all.
    alot of questions are asked here but some go without answers yet the knowledge is it the answer because you think its a dumb question or you dont approve of the question.this is what this site is for.remember theres alot of folks interested but are ignored.i know if a person searches you MIGHT find the answer maybe not.please lets share the learning seems if ya dont have an interesting caliber or rifle its ignored.dont really care what anyone thinks of this but we are all here to learn.but i doubt anyone will answer.
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  2. RockyMtnMT

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    Mar 25, 2007
    I am not so sure that it is a matter of being ignored. I think it more of a case of the right guy with answer just did not happen to see the post on the day that it was posted. I don't get the feeling that some are ignored intentionally. I personally try not to give any information unless I have 1st hand knowledge or if someone is looking for opinions.

    Bump your post up if it did not get the attention that you hoped for.

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    Jun 11, 2005
    I think Steve presented a very good answer. I see a huge amount of questions that get answers but also notice some that don't get answered and typically it's related to a question that may not be the normal "long range" type of question. I think that sometimes it just happens to be a matter of the right question asked in the wrong place.

    Maybe I'm a little biased but I don't think posts and questions go unanswered if someone with the knowledge to answer the question actually reads the post.

    You should also remember that a lot of people read this site daily but the majority of them don't post. Even though it's a web environment some people are just a little shy about speaking up.

    We should also remember that hunting seasons have started in various states and until the end of the year a lot of our membership will be out looking for furry critters and thus the potential database of this site is not always available on a daily basis so, unfortunately, some questions may go unanswered.
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    Aug 10, 2003
    Maybe I'm missing it, but your history doesn't show alot of unanswered questions..
    Is it attention you seek?
    Do your parents know you're asking questions in a shooting forum?
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    Dec 23, 2009
    You got a particular one in mind D.A.T. ?
    Im sometimes WAY too opinionated in my answers. So sometimes I dont post to, nor even finnish reading threads containing certain rifles/brands etc that I dont care for. I figure why start a ruckus. If theres a legitimate question that I see in a thread (even one I dont care for) Ill generaly refer someone to someone else i know of who may know the answer.


    NO Im NOT trying to start anything here, so reserve your hate mail for someone else guys......

    I dont finnish reading posts asking questions on Savage rifles.
    I dont have any first hand knowledge of the new ones, and my previous experience with them makes me not want to have any experiences with any more, old or new. I just plain am not interested what-so-ever.
    BUT I know there are ALOT of Savage fans here, and I have alot of respect for a few of them. So if I notice a question- Savage related- Ill refer them to Bigngreen, or Liltank etc. Savage fans, Savage owners, Savage shooters, or people Id trust to give me an honest answer if I were the one asking the question. Or just Ill just quit reading the post all togather, and not reply.

    I feel its better to say nothing at all than start a ruckus in most situations.
    Like most anybody who frequents a favorite forum, Ive been in a couple heated discussions here, and Id rather not repeat it. Theres never a winner, no matter how good your ''cyber ninja'' or how deep rooted your opinion is, other peoples opinions seldom seem to change and people just get thier feathers ruffeled, and for what??

    Take for instance .308win vs 30-06......... Now you got a wildfire brewing, and EVERY SINGLE TIME people get angry, and EVERY SINGLE TIME theres no winner, just grumpy opinionated people in the end. So why bother reading?

    So those threads that have questions or info on things I could care less about, I feel I do more good to stay away from, and not even reply, unless Im refering someone to someone else who may have the answer, or be able to get it.

    OK that got long winded, sorry. I dont know if theres a particular question you were concerned about, or if it was a general observation/statement.
    But there are more people here on L/R/H who are helpfull, and non-judge-mental, and have the knowledge than ANYWHERE else I have ever seen. This is a top notch, well run, site with very polite and knowledgable members who are usually racing eachother to share thier knowledge with someone asking a question. I have been on the asking end many times, and I have recieved more firearm related knowledge and helpfull tricks and hints that fill in the blanks here than anywhere else with the exception of my dad and grandpa.
    Fling me a P.M. if I can help you I will be happy to, or else refer you to someone who may be able to.
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    Jun 22, 2010