SOLD/EXPIRED Knight's 1" Scope Mounts

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    Nov 12, 2004
    Knight\'s 1" Scope Mounts

    F/S Knight's Armament 1" scope rings. These are intended for mounting a scope on a "flat-top" AR type rifle, including AR-15 types, AR-10's, Knights and SR-25's. They put the center of the scope exactly where the iron sights for these rifles would normally sit.

    They are NIB (actually it's not a box but a heat sealed plastic bag.) I've opened the side of the bag that holds the instructions to verify details on the rings but the rings themselves have never been removed from the bag. They are marked with the (old) new price of $200. Now they're about $17 more. They can be yours for $150 + shipping costs of about $6 (add $2 if you want insurance)!