Kimber Police Tactical Groups


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Jan 22, 2006
Skagit Valley WASHINGTON
I tried out a load in my new Kimber Police Tactical in .300 Win mag on Sunday. I did some barrel break-in a couple of weeks ago and shot some factory ammo and a couple of handloads my buddy nwdan had around about a week ago and was less than impressed as the groups were all 1 - 1.5 inches. For Sunday I loaded up some rounds with RL 22 and 200 Grain Accubonds in .3 grain increments from 71.5 - 73.0 grains and the results are as follows. All are 3 shot groups measured center to center at 100 yards off the tailgate of my Toyota and sandbags with some gusty wind mostly from 6 o'clock.

71.5 gr 0.964" with two through the same hole
71.8 gr 1.038"
72.1 gr 0.176" pictured below
72.4 gr 0.212" pictured below
72.7 gr 1.205"
73.0 gr 0.877"



I think I found the sweet spot! Hopefully we can get out and chronograph it in the next week or so.
I think you should go with the 72.7 group. More of a shotgun effect!:D Just kidding, nice groupings. I always wondered how the Kimber police shot. Now I know!

Thanks for the comments! Just an off the shelf Kimber Police Tactical in 300 Win Mag, NF 5.5-22X56 in NF rings and 20 MOA base. The only thing I did was pull it apart, adjust the trigger down to about 2 lbs. and made sure everything was tight.

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