Killing hogs



This isn't exactly long range hunting but I didn't know where else to put this info.

Recently, 4 of us returned from Texas on a hog killing spree. We hunted for 3 days (nights, actually). The total count was, Steve (from Nebraska) 4 hogs, Steve (From Columbus) 6 hogs, I killed 7 hogs plus 3 coyotes and Dave (dave7mm) killed 11 hogs plus one racoon.

I had 3 doubles and 1 single on the hogs. I shot 4 times and had 7 dead hogs using the 127gr EXP Groove Bullets. None of us recovered a Groove Bullet. We had complete pass through on every shot. Dave had 1 double using his 270 and 113gr EXP Groove Bullets and had complete pass through on both hogs. Steve (from Nebraska) killed 4 hogs using his 25-06 and 101gr EXP Groove Bullets. None of his hogs stopped the bullets either.

On the one coyote that I shot, it was 175 yards, broadside, double lung shot using my 7mm mag and 127gr EXP Groove Bullet. The exit hole was about 1" in diameter and that little coyote (coyotes in Texas are small, maybe 25lbs) dropped in its tracks. I watched it through the scope, after the shot and it didn't even quiver.

A good time was had by all. We plan to go back again next year.

I had a couple of triples one night in Georgia. 7 hogs with 3 shots. No follow ups needed. Sort range work though, used a 20 ga Ithaca 37 with #3 buck. I think I had to stop to sharpen my knife later on...
didn't recover any bullets/pellets from them either, but you seldom do with hogs from my experience. God, how I hate hogs!

Sounds like you had a good trip, light up the grill!

When you say complete pass through is the norm for hogs I can only relate from known experiences. One of the guys hunting with us this year (Steve from Columbus) was using a 300 win mag and factory Win ammo. Not sure which bullet it is for sure but I am told it has a steel core. I saw a hollow point in the end of his bullets. In any case, he only had one complete pass through and his longest shot was 150 yards.

Last year we hunted with a fellow from Colorado and he used a 300 RUM and core lock bullets - 165gr if I remember correctly. He never had a complete pass through on any of the 4 hogs he shot.

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