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    Aug 10, 2006
    Long story short, this stuff impressed me a ton:

    KG KG-12 Big Bore Cleaning Solvent 4 oz - MidwayUSA

    I bought a Savage F/TR rifle, and the thing shoots pretty dang good for a factory gun, but the barrel is not pretty to look into, and fouls badly, which in turn took a while to clean up, even with Montana Xtreme, some potent stuff.

    To attempt to fix this, I bought some Tubbs Final Finish bullets, but needed to get the barrel perfectly clean.

    After 25-50 rounds it took at least an hour to clean, putting wet and dry patches through the barrel every 10 minutes or so. It had 150 through it before cleaning tonight.

    I slathered a patch in KG12 and ran it down my bore. Before the trip it was fluorescent yellow, and after it came out with brown on it where it touched the bore.

    After about 5 minutes I ran a dry patch through and it came out with a thick brown "sludge" on it, the copper!

    I repeated the process and got the same results, but to a much lesser degree. The third patch revealed almost nothing. I thought it had quit working, as this is a factory barrel, how could it clean in three patches?

    Montana Xtreme got taken out and applied heavily to a patch, and ran through the bore...usually they come out a mottled royal blue, stuff that would make 70's stoners think deeply. Shockingly to me, it came out exactly as it went in.

    In several years of using this stuff, I've never had a patch come out with not at least some blue on put things into perspective.

    Thinking it was a fluke, I even let it rest for 30 minutes and patched it out-nothing.

    I'm sold.


    There's the progression, first, second, and third wet patches, with their dry brothers below them.

    The bottom one is a typical Montana Xtreme laden patch ran through the 308 after 25ish rounds.

    I'm no spokesman, just a kid about to go to college in two days, but this stuff impressed me so much I figured I'd let everyone know about it!

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    Jul 14, 2008
    I agree with you it's by far the best copper remover on the market.
    A lot of people don't give it a chance because they are looking for the tell tale blue coloration on their patches. You won't see this with KG12 as it's not ammonia based.
    Get yourself some KG1 carbon remover it works great at removing carbon build up swab the bore after you finish shooting and it enables the KG12 to cut straight to work on the copper. It also works really well at removing the carbon on case necks.
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    Nov 3, 2008
    I really like the Wipe out brussless copper remover. The stuff works great. Swab one wet patch down and let set over night. With in 5 to 8 dry patches the following day, your bore is clean. You don't have to let it set over night, they suggest an hour for the initial swabbing.

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    Apr 4, 2005
    My experience exactly. I've gone through two 4-oz bottles of the KG-1 now, and I'm currently on the second bottle of KG-12.
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    Apr 4, 2005
    Re: KG-1, KG-12, Bore Tech's 'Eliminator' and 'Cu+2' Products are all GREAT

    I agree that KG-1 is an awesome carbon removal product, and KG-12 is its equal at removing copper. As stated, I've gone through some of these products on 7 different rifle bores and a couple pistol bores over the past two years. I was applying the product Gun Juice to my bores and I also had the need to clean the bore down to bare steel prior to each application of Gun Juice. A lot of bore cleaning.

    Not to diminish the effectiveness of these two KG products in any way, but about 5 months ago I tried some of Bore Tech's 'Eliminator' product, and Bore Tech's fairly recent product named 'Cu+2 Copper Remover'. I think these two Bore Tech products are similar in their effectiveness at removing copper, and they have one advantage. They do stain the patches bluish if copper/brass is still being removed. Bore Tech sells some aluminum stemmed stiff nylon brushes so you don't have to worry about their products false staining blue due to a copper/brass centered bore brush.

    I find the Cu+2 Copper Remover to be a slightly more aggressive copper remover than the Eliminator, by running patches of the Cu+2 down the bore after having worked the bore over with the Eliminator product.

    Staining the clean white patches blue is an advantage when you want to KNOW that all copper has been removed from the bore. The KG-12 color change from bright yellow to brownish is much more difficult to confirm when the last remnants of copper are being removed from the bore.
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    Apr 4, 2005
    Re: Wipe-Out is Very Good Also

    And Wipe-Out is very good also, if you have more time and can leave the gun set for a longer period of time before removing this product. I will sometimes use Wipe-Out to confirm the last remnents of copper fouling are removed, allowing an overnight bore dwell time, to confirm there is no additional blue staining, and that the KG-12 or Cu+2 Copper Remover have completely removed all residual copper fouling.

    Wipe-Out, KG, and Bore Tech are the best three products I have used to date for bore cleaning/copper removal. And I've used a number of other projects over the years. I give a slight advantage to the Bore Tech Cu+2 Copper Remover product for speed of action and the helpful tell-tale blue staining which confirms the bore is still releasing some copper fouling. I have all three products, but am tending to rely on the KG-1 for carbon/powder fouling removal, following by the Cu+2 Copper Remover.