Kestrel with AB truing help


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Jan 5, 2004
So, I have a Kestrel Sportsman with AB 5700 firmware.

im setting up for 350 Legend, but the same thing happens with my long range rifles.

I zero the rifle. Get it as close as possible to zero. In this case I’m +0.3” elevation at 100 yd zero.

Then I’m truing by shooting a group at 300 yards. I dial what the Kestrel says and I’m 9.6 MOA. I hold 9.5 and I’m 1.25 MOA high some of that is due to my zero being high.

How do I setup my kestrel to tell me to dial down 0.25 MOA at 100 yds and up about 8.6 MOA at 300? It just show 0 MOA at 100.

The same could be done for windage too, I suppose.


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Aug 26, 2014
Montrose, CO
I’m not holding my Kestrel to play with it but I think the easiest thing to do would be to change your zero range so that it shows -.25 at 100. With that cartridge it’s probably not a huge difference, probably like 117 yards or something like that for your zero range.

Once your zero is dead on I would double check all your input again then if it’s all correct try 300 again. From what I have seen most kestrel errors stem from a bad zero or bad input somewhere. I’m not at all familiar with 350 legend bullets but I kinda doubt the BC’s are super accurate on them so you may have to fudge some numbers to get things to line up. Add a little BC and a little velocity until things line up. Normally I would say that’s not the best idea but with the max range of the legend I don’t think it would bite you.

Might also be worth checking your scope tracking/reticle subtensions.


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