Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters All New Bluetooth Line

I thought that would be real nice but I could not really tell if it would interface with my Dell Axim. If it can that would be the cats meyow, you can have it set out in air flow while shooting from a nice out of the wind spot. :D
If you can get a Ballistic Calculator and it has Blue Tooth I'm sure it will work.

Mike @ CST
I integrated my Bluetooth Kestrel with my ballistic program. It is very nice to be able to get all the information including wind compass bearing from the vane setup. Enter in the range and compass bearing of the rifle and automatically calculate component wind values. I didn't like the USB setup. No real programming changes were required since the BlueTooth link acts like a COM port just like the USB hookup; also, the USB setup didn't give wind compass bearing. Major step forward. If I could afford a BlueTooth Range Finder I wouldn't have to enter anything into the little computer.
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