Kestrel mating with horus???

Feb 8, 2005
Technology keeps advancing it seems.

Does anyone have information and or experience on the mating of Horus software into the Kestrel weather meters as a practical first round hit long range system to use in the field??

Cas in Wyoming .... [email protected]


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Jun 11, 2010
Huron, SD
No one that I've talked to has been happy with its behaviors. You hear stories, but I have yet to see a completely effective demonstration in person.

Manually enter readings from a kestrel into Shooter. I've yet to find anything more accurate that is readily available.


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Jan 6, 2008
I have the Kestrel 4500 w/Atrag. I have used it with several different calibers including a 375/408 out to 2500 yds. I really like it.


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Aug 14, 2009
British Columbia Canada
I don't know where you get the negative opinion from but mine is awesome. If you read, understand and use the unit correctly i have found it to be bang on.
I worked up a load using 180 bergers in a 7 mag, chronied it and was happy with it. It was zeroed at 200, I used it for my 600 yard drop and it was right on- I mean like right on. Then on a different day I set up at 970 yards and it was bang on again. First round hits at 970. What's not to like? You can even update your muzzle velocity at different temps and it will approximate that for you when out in the field. If I hold it into wind it will take readings for the min and max and give you two wind holds. If you leave it on while shooting long distance you can see the elevation adjustments change in real time-not much that it matters but it is doing its job. I used my old come up chart at 650 and was off a bit, I referenced the Horus, adjusted and was back on. I mean I was only about 6 inches off but the Horus gave me the corrections that would of put me on in the first place.
I was a bit hesitant to fork out the cash to begin with but I'm glad I did. It works fast and you don't have to input the info into your phone. I wish I had been doing that though so I could give you real world comparisons of the solutions with shooter.
If your going to get a kestrel anyway I would say its worth the extra money


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