Kestrel 3500 and Exbal


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Mar 23, 2008
N. Central Indiana
Just starting to play with both together, and trying to understand the best way to use them both.

I've read that when using Exbal, just use baro pressure and forgo elevation (leave set at 0). I have noticed that the elevation reading on the Kestrel will vary from day to day here at the house. The Baro reading is very close to the local weather station that posts data 24/7. The weather station is about 30 miles away.

I will be going from 750 ft. elevation to a possible 10,000 ft. elevation in Dec on a cow Elk hunt with the 7mm AM.

If the Kestrel is properly calibrated here at the house, it should be O.K. up in the mountains.

What data and settings should I have and use with Exbal? It's on a Dell Axiom if that matters.

FWIW, I will be taking both to the range and verifying data to 1K before going on the trip.

Trying to decide whether to use 175 SMK's at MV of 3475 or 200g Wildcats at MV of 3220 fps..... Thoughts on that as well? (Oehler 35P verified) Both are giving roughly the same accuracy level out to 1K (the longest that I can shoot here)

Outfitted hunt, outfitter said that most shots would be under 300 yds, but after telling him what rifle I will be bringing his reply was "lets see how long it's legs are" :D. So, I have no idea what he has in mind.



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Feb 3, 2007
Townsend, Montana.
Make sure your Kestrel is set at "actual station pressure" yes this will vary slightly day to day at the same location.

Then put "0" in the alt box on the exbal program. UnCheck the "calculate standard pressure" box. Then select the in/Hg and insert the "actual station Pressure" from the BARO reading on the kestrel.

Just set up a 338 RUM yesterday and took it all the way to 1000 with spot on results from my old axim and exbal. All we did was run it through the ehler 35 and input the data into exbal. But then we were using big bullets, not little ones..:D

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