Kenetrek molded insoles?

Discussion in 'Backpacking Gear & Clothing' started by mudygmc, Nov 8, 2019 at 9:50 PM.

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  1. mudygmc

    mudygmc Well-Known Member

    Nov 22, 2012
    Hello, curious if anybody has tried new or the molded insoles for kenetrek boots. I wear a 10.5 medium in most all footwear I have. I read many reviews that said kenetrek are great boots and run true to size. My Meindel boots are about worn out. Extremely comfortable but in the ball park of 1200miles and I can keep them waterproof. I ordered 2 pairs of mountain extreme 400s in 10.5 M. I wore both pairs around town and they fit pretty decent. There is a bit more arch than i like and the heel pockets are loose on my feet. I packed 1 pair with me along with my Meindel and a pair of Crispi. I am trying really hard to like the kenetrek but to me they are dead last in my choice of boots. I put over 150miles on them hunting in the last month. The front half of the boot feel good. The arch and heel pocket I dont like. I'd assume insoles would take care of the arch but don't know what to do with the loose heel pockets. I have ran the laces many different ways now trying to comfortably tighten my heel in the heel pocket. Nothing really consistently works. My heels seem to always move while climbing. I carry mole skin in my pack for when the blisters eventually come. I'm curious if anybody else has had similar issues and what you did to solve them. I live in western ND and there is really no boot selection out here. I was going to try putting a heavy coat of wax on the boot. Putting a spring or small bar clamp pinching the heel pocket. And leaving them on the boot dryer for a week. I figured this might tighten up the heel pocket some. Any ideas or feed back would be great.

  2. CUTTER1

    CUTTER1 Well-Known Member

    Jan 17, 2016
    Had a podiatrist friend make me 2 pair of molded inserts for both of my kenetrek's and it perfect