Ken Farrell contact #



Does anyone have a phone number for Ken? Ken's web site is down I want like to order one of his bases, or does any know where I can order his bases from. Thanks
As I recall, when I was looking at his
base(s) for my Savage, they were cheaper at places like Sinclair's and Sharp Shooter Supply VS. buying directly from his website.

I looked at and their prices are better than Ken's his price is $5,375.00 for a SAV RTL-1-20. Ken site is up now. I beleive that a typo and is $53.75; however, guess I'll have to wait until monday. Sinclair pn# is 06-250 but I'm not sure if its for the accutrigger. I couldn't get Sinclair on the line today.

Ken Farrell, Inc.
One Tamara Lane
Warsaw, MO 65355

Phone: 660-438-9456
Fax: 660-438-9662
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